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Ethereal Drum

Ethereal Drum

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1.High-quality, high-quality steel, round design, smooth surface, can produce a variety of tones.
2.Easy to learn, easy to play, you can use the famous drumsticks or play easily with your hands, the note stick will help you make a wonderful sound.
3.Application, very suitable for personal meditation, yoga practice, sitting meditation, musicians, performances, etc.
4.The clear sound is hand-made by craftsmen, which can make a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound. It is suitable for many fields, including music education, spiritual healing, yoga meditation, etc.
5. Eight  key, D major, a total of 8 notes, a wider range, you can play more music. With a large number of scores (not included), even beginners can play very pleasant music based on the scores.

Product information:
Product Category: Tambourine
Item No.: Ethereal Drum
Material: Q35 steel
Model: D-Class Ethereal Drum
Specification: 8-tone 6-inch
Applicable scene: musical instrument
Color: Huashulian 8-color 6-inch five-color cinnabar, Huashulian 8-color 6-inch five-color black, Huashulian 8-color 6-inch five-color navy blue, Huashulian 8-color 6-inch five-tone

1*steel tongue drum
2 * Drumsticks
4 * Finger Cots
1 * Tote bag
1 * sticker

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ethan Jacobs

Absolut perfekt, skøn manual med "how to", og en del tilbehør, godt pakket... Alt i alt in god oplevelse, kan varmt anbefales

Aurore Barton

I loved it!

Art McGlynn

Second time I buy, all good, excellent, fast shipping, recommended.

Noemi Tillman

It is very beautiful, very fast shipping, well packed, with all your accessories, I am happy, I will buy more from this seller. Highly recommended,

Jairo Durgan

It looks and feels great. be carefull when you take of the protectiv stikker think on the numbers. on mine one of the numbers bent of a lill bit and when I went to push it down with my thumb, I ended up cutting it a lill bitt and ended up bleeding.