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Portable Pneumatic Sandblasting Gun

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Power Type: Pneumatic

Model Number: Sandblasting Machine

is_customized: Yes

Type: High Pressure Gun

Feed Type: Gravity

Nozzle Diameter: 3.0mm

No-Load Speed: 1200rpm

Application: Paint Spray Gun

Usage: Home DIY

Cup Volume: 0-200

splice: japanese-sized


Note:Japanese size joint

Portable gravity sandblasting machine is portable, made of lightweight aluminium material which is convenient to operate, dedicated to all kinds of light and small metal corners, spray polishing, primary edges, rust removal detail dressing.

The roof mounted hopper is perfect for spot.
Fully adjustable media flow valve gives you precise control.
All-aluminum body is lightweight, hand-held for easy operation.
Removal on larger parts that won fit into cabinet.
Dedicated to all kinds of light and small metal corners, spray polishing, primary edges, rust removal detail dressing.

Advantages: light and portable, easy to move, outstanding effect, adjustable medium flow valve provides you with precise control, simple operation, etc.

Disadvantages: This product uses the principle of gravity and negative pressure to spray out the sand in the sand cup, so you need to keep the gun head level or slightly downward when working, otherwise there will be no sand. It is not recommended to use this if you are dealing with the surface that needs to be treated with the elevation angle of the gun head!

The product is equipped with a sand cup of about 1 kg. Because of its limited capacity, it is not suitable for large area and large processing capacity. At this time, it is recommended that you choose a sandblasting machine or a continuous sandblasting gun!

Function: Dedicated to a small amount of various light, small-area reversible objects, small corners, sandblasting, rust removal, paint removal, oxide layer removal, burr removal, lettering, spray painting, etc.

In order to ensure the use effect, it is recommended that the working pressure is 0.7Mpa (7kg) and above, the volume of the gas tank is greater than 50L, the displacement is greater than 150L/min, and the air pump is too small, it is not recommended to use it.

How is the sand suitable?

1. Surface cleaning or renovation of hardware, iron, metal, steel, molds, etc., use brown corundum and white corundum.

2. Stainless steel, copper parts, aluminum parts, zinc alloy products do not need to be treated again after sandblasting, or glass beads are used for surfaces that require luminosity.

3. Applicable materials: crystal, acrylic, white steel jade for glass. After using a particle size of sand, you can choose the sand material and the thickness of the sand material according to the actual effect. Sand has glass beads, brown corundum, white corundum, black carbon fire silicon, walnut sand, plastic sand, ceramic sand, steel shot, stainless steel shot, etc.

Customer Reviews

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Brook Hackett

Arrived very punctual before time, just need to use it

Jimmie Ward

Looks like product is according to criteria for the use it was intended

Emanuel Will

Portable Pneumatic Sandblasting Gun

Sage MacGyver

I haven't tried it but it looks good

Lia Sawayn

Looks very good quality arrived super fast